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My background

So who is David Lyons? I’m a 39 year old guy from Manchester who loves everything tech. My main interests are gaming, TVs and I can’t resist a good audio setup.

I think I can trace my interest in tech all the way back to when I was a child – ever since I was young I’ve particularly enjoyed gaming, going way back to the Commodore Amiga, playing games like Syndicate and Sensible Soccer. Wasn’t long before I got my first console, during the Sega v Nintendo years I was firmly in the Nintendo camp, one of my all-time favourite games has to be Super Mario World on the SNES and I’m proud to say I found and did all 96 levels! Used to love the Superstar Soccer games and obviously Pro Evolution Soccer as well, used to have the lads around for tournaments which also included Streetfighter 2, it’s fair to say a few joypads were destroyed during this time.

Gaming wise I soon upgraded to a PC, my first PC was a Pentium 3 500 with a Voodoo 3 graphics card. Was like a new world, I remember thinking that the games looked real. Funny looking back at screenshots and realising that definitely wasn’t the case :D. PC gaming became a major interest as I got older and could afford the luxury of gaming PC tech and the never-ending cycle of upgrades. I own a modest setup in today’s terms but it still does the job (just!). Perhaps one of the best upgrades I’ve had would be switching to a Gsync 144hz monitor, I think along with an SSD, a Gsync/Freesync monitor is one of the best upgrades a gamer can do. Would love to upgrade to an RTX setup at some point, would need to get that past my wife though who would probably see things differently!

Continuing my love of gaming consoles I ended up having each of the PlayStation consoles (as well having an Xbox 360, however after a few consoles due to the red ring of death I decided to stick with Sony). I was lucky enough to get a PS5 in the initial launch and avoiding the scalpers that are currently rampant, hopefully the online stores and marketplaces do something about it soon enough.

My first good TV was a HUGE Sony 32” CRT which weighed more than a small car. This lasted me a few years until the plasma TV generation arrived and I had a Pioneer Kuro for a long time, finally replacing it with a Sony OLED. It’s great to see what’s happening in this area at the moment as the TVs are getting cheaper and new tech like HDMI 2.1 and VRR are being introduced (be nice if Sony updated the PS5 firmware to take advantage …).

Speaker-wise I’ve always been a fan of KEF and their active speakers. I’m currently using their LS50 Wireless setup, which has just been updated to a second generation. I can’t praise these enough, they sound great and it really fills the room – highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t have or want a full AV setup.

I’d love to hear your stories and how you got into this world, let me know on my contact page.

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