Features Your Bargain/Affordable Laptop Must Have

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What do you look for in a laptop before you buy one?

It is an exciting experience to go out shopping for a laptop. With so many laptop brands available in the market, choosing the one you like can be pretty stressful. You can get one at a discount when you have a Lenovo coupon code. There is no one best model for you out in the market. The best will depend on your preferences and your budget.

It would help if you did extensive research on the types of laptops available. It would be best to be clear on the need for one and the budget you are working with. You cannot count on the advice of a retailer—their goal is to sell you one of the expensive models. Laptops vary in CPU capacity, drive storage, size, RAM, and graphics capabilities, among many other things. Here are some features that your bargain laptop must have:

A Good Screen

You will wind up spending a lot of time in front of your laptop screen. It would be best if you got one with a good screen. A good screen feels natural to use and is comfortable to look at. You will want to consider whether it will be a touchscreen.

Nowadays, most screens have that capability built into them. Some come with an additional surcharge for the touch feature. But having a touchscreen-enabled laptop can mean a glossy screen. This might produce more glare compared to other screens.

When it comes to the screen’s resolution, it should be HD. That is, a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution should be the minimum. This resolution is good enough to view things comfortably on your screen.

A Good Quality Keyboard

If you are spending time typing a lot, you will need to get a comfortable keyboard. You want a keyboard that is well spaced and not too crowded. Some keys will be difficult to get to quickly if you get a crowded one.

An ideal keyboard has space close to the arrow keys, has full-size keys, and a comfortable layout. Also, a backlit keyboard is a good thing. You will see better what you are typing in dimly lit places.

A Good RAM

A few years ago, you could have done well with just 4GB RAM. Your computer would have given you good performance with just that. Nowadays, a good computer needs 8GB and above for regular use. Power users can dial that number up to 16GB while gamers push it to 32GB and higher.

More RAM means you can run multiple applications at the same time. It also means data is accessible much more quickly in the system. RAM is quite affordable, and you can expand your computer’s RAM once you buy it.


There are a lot of specs that are in a good laptop. The specs you choose will determine the cost of the laptop. Getting a good bargain laptop means looking for specs that fit the budget. It will all depend on the function of the laptop you are buying. These are just the basic specs to have on a good laptop.




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