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Apple isn’t expected to unveil its new iPhone until late 2023, but hints about the new model are already emerging. One of the most interesting hints comes from the way Apple has been branding its other products in the past. One rumor has the company ditching the “notch” altogether, and that trend could carry over to the next iPhone.

Apple is expected to use under-display fingerprint readers on its next iPhone. The technology is already on Android devices, but Apple may want to perfect it before implementing it on the next iPhone. Even so, this move could hurt developers. Apple replaced Touch ID on the iPhone X with Face ID, which was largely designed for all-screen displays and was supposed to be more secure than Touch ID.

Another rumor suggests that Apple is planning to use a 48-megapixel camera lens on the next iPhone. A recent report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple will integrate the new technology into an upcoming model. However, it is not clear whether this will be an upgrade to the existing telephoto lens, or a brand new, fifth-generation lens.

The next iPhone is expected to launch in September 2023. Pre-orders for the device are expected to begin on September 15 and the device will be available in stores on September 22. The new iPhone is also believed to be the last iPhone to have an LCD display, and its rumored to include a hole-punch front-facing camera. The new iPhone is expected to feature a 5G connection, and the processor used in it is unknown.

Another rumor suggests that the new iPhone will feature a foldable display. This new feature could also make the phone more expensive than ever before. Apple has been working hard on developing the technology necessary for a foldable device. Its patents include new hinge technology, bendable displays, and foldable batteries. Kuo believes that Apple will release a foldable iPhone sometime in 2023. A foldable iPhone would be Apple’s most expensive iPhone to date.

While the iPhone 15 series is already the most technologically advanced iPhone ever, the company has been planning a significant revamp to its iPhone line in 2023. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, the upcoming iPhone will have marked differences between its base models and the Pro line. It is also expected to feature USB-C fast-charging. Additionally, the iPhone will be capable of 8K video recording.

Apple hasn’t revealed details on the new iPhone, but leaks have suggested the device will be a “true” Pro model. However, the rumours are based on anonymous tipsters who have a solid track record. Ultimately, the new iPhone will be a big success or a failure depending on its design.

The iPhone 15 lineup is expected to launch sometime in the second half of 2023. In addition, Apple has been testing the use of USB-C ports in the iPhone line. However, this change may not happen until 2023. In the meantime, the current iPhones will continue to feature Lightning ports.


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